yoga simran
Be healthy, happy & holy. Be beautiful, bountiful & blissful. Be conscious & connected.

Yoga's gifts are immense. The practice gives strength, flexibility and balance of body, mind and spirit, revealing inner radiance and connection to the divine. We do poses to find peace within and prepare for meditation.

Simran is the state and act of deep meditation, moving from outside to within. It replaces negative thoughts with positive ones, allowing mastery of our intellect. It's experiencing constant remembrance on each breath, connecting to Oneness.

Simran is a longingly creative feeling, where life flows. It raises your consciousness, and with awareness your horizon widens so you don't need anything: the universe provides.

"In simran, action, reaction and direction is known, destiny is reached… The science of simran is nothing but to have immense power of seva, of service, and through service you win the world."
   -Yogi Bhajan

To experience simran, we begin by practicing yoga.


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