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Yoga with Cristin in Accra, Ghana!

Nov 15, 2009

Greetings & Namaste Ghana!

New to Accra, I am thinking about yoga and the community here, ready to take class and teach! Also, I am helping with an Anusara Yoga Immersion, Kundalini Yoga teacher training, and a big Yoga-Health Conference & Festival in 2011, all in Ghana! See my website for details.

Starting in January, the following are offered in Accra. The exact days/times depend on those interested in attending. Please reach me with your preferences and/or subscribe to my yoga newsletter to get details! Location for most offerings is near Cantonments Post Office.

Starting January 2010!

* Wednesday evening class - Kundalini Yoga, 7-8:30pm
* Sunday morning class - Kundalini Yoga, 9-10:30am

Possible offerings for future, once there is enough interest!

* Monday morning class - Kundalini Yoga, 9-10:30am

*Thursday morning classes - Pregnancy Yoga, 9-10:30am & Postpartum Mom/Baby Yoga, 10:45am-12pm

Friday evenings, 7-9pm (offered twice per month)
* Excel & Celebrate - Sacred Circle of Women
The six-part series includes yoga, chanting, meditation, creative activities, yogic health and beauty wisdom, as well as spiritual nurturing. Allow yourself to be embraced in the loving support of a conscious community of women. Together, we reclaim our joy, wisdom and radiance. As we move forward with confidence, clarity and vitality, we awaken our innate power as woman.

Saturday afternoon workshops, 1-4pm (offered once per month)
* Body Bliss Series - Workshops for a healthy, happy body and to rest and relax!
Each workshop includes warm-ups, yoga postures, energetic work, meditation, and deep relaxation. Workshops can be taught separately or in a series: Fabulous Feet, Knees Please, Stretched Strong Legs, Hamstring Hiatus, Hip Opening, Abdominal Action, Blissful Back, Supple Shoulders, and Neck Relax.

* Birth Preparation - Yoga, Breathwork & Relaxation for Pregnancy, Labor & Birth
Come to experience the 10 top yoga poses for pregnancy, daily yoga stretches, restorative yoga for pregnancy, Kegel exercise practice, also what to expect in labor, and breathing, positions and relaxation for labor. Tips for breastfeeding and managing life with a newborn too.

Sunday morning class - Pregnancy Yoga, 10:45am-12pm

I am looking forward to teaching, taking class, getting to know others who practice, as well as teaching those new to yoga what a difference it can make in their lives, and understanding if Ghanaians think yoga can help with health challenges faced by people here. Please reach me with thoughts or questions!

Sat Nam,

Yoga Simran

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