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Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Immersion -
Deepening Experience of Self & Spirit                        
Palm Beach, FL, USA - next 2025


An inspirational, transformational 45-hour course for those waning to discover themselves through a deep practice of yoga. Commitment to this enhances your path and grows your spiritual being. Over the months, we meet weekly for class (you chose Wednesday morning or evening) and Sunday morning 8:30-11:30am. Tuition also includes three personal coaching sessions, a personal journey book and ongoing mentoring to deepen your practice within a supportive, conscious yogic community. An amazing journey awaits! This immersion is fantastic preparation if you're longing for depth on a spiritual path and/or considering becoming a teacher. Offered monthly Sept-May on Sundays from 8:30-11:30am: $400 early discount; $475 after


Women's Yoga Teachings~Becoming Your Own Teacher  Palm Beach, FL, USA - next 2025


This series is for those wanting to deeply experience transformational benefits from the women's teachings of Kundalini Yoga & Meditation. This immersion is fantastic if you are longing to relax, wishing for strong friendships with others with similar values, to dive deep into your own spiritual path, and/or if you want your life/work to inspire others. Commitment to to join each workshop (or the series!) enhances your path and grows your spiritual being. Tuition for the series also includes a personal journey book, two coaching sessions, and ongoing mentoring to deepen your your practice within a supportive, conscious yogic community of divine women. An empowering journey awaits! Offered monthly Sept-May on Sundays from 8:30-11:30am.


Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training        see Yoga Source for annual Palm Beach are trainings

This is the international training in Kundalini Yoga (recognized by Yoga Alliance as Kundalini Research Institute RYT 200-hour training). It's for you, if you long to teach or accelerate your yoga practice and spiritual development in an exceptionally transformative, powerful way. The focus is on foundations and awakening, and gives a lifelong basis for a successful practice, providing tools and comprehensive training to learn both theory and techniques. You gain knowledge and self-confidence to make a difference in yourself and the world around you.  More details here!

Cristin was invited to be a KRI Associate Trainer after five years (2003-08) as a studio owner and then building up Ghana Yoga! community in West Africa, and training teachers there (in 2010-12) with Lead Trainer Krishna Kaur KhalsaIn 2018-19, Cristin joined KRI's Asheville, NC team, and in 2021 supported student practicums in KRI's Virtual Hawaii Hybrid Training. News on 2022 soon!

Kids & Yoga! Teacher Training            Scholarships available.     Schedule here.  
Join inspiring and transformation trainings full of tips, tools and techniques to teach kids yoga! With confidence, you will be able to successfully share yoga with children of all ages, in a fun, engaging way. Understand how to introduce yoga and also deepen their experience of yoga's gifts (beyond poses), so children connect with their spirits and innate wisdom Trainings are experiential and interactive, include both theory and yoga practice, give depth of developmentally-appropriate poses, meditation teachniques, how to share mindfulness, and more. All are welcome -- parents, certified and aspiring yoga teachers, schoolteachers, day care/crèche staff, nannies, therapists, and anyone knowing yoga's gifts for children are immenseSince 2003, Cristin trained 850+ children's yoga teachers in 50+ trainings in nine countries and online: www.kidsandyoga.com!

Radiant Light Pregnancy Training              virtual/in Palm Beach, FL, USA - next 2025

This 95-hour training gives a practical breadth of the best prenatal and postpartum techniques and philosophies from yoga, perinatal fitness and doula support/childbirth education. Gain a depth of understanding and techniques to uplift women during this amazingly transformative time. Be empowered with practical, useful teachings to support women, from preconception, through relaxed and empowering pregnancy, to conscious and confident birthing, into positive parenting/newborn care, including baby massage and yoga. Learn to safely, confidently create joyful, supportive community enhancing women's experiences, as well as empower them physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. (Optional: included is BirthWorks International Childbirth Educator Workshop, so you can offer additional expertise in your classes or later earn certification as a Childbirth Educator to offer new parents birth prep classes.)

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