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"May many more people benefit from these amazing teachings and your gift as a teacher.” -Sanjeet Kaur


"I feel I have a new perspective on yoga now and that you for that." -Sharon Ní Chulibín


"Sending so much love and gratitude for what was created… Thank you for holding the space so wonderfully for what was a truly beautiful weekend. I feel like I've known you for many many years...if not in previous lifetimes though it's quite possible that is due to the amazing quality you have to make us feel so held, cared for and nourished. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I pray we can honour these teachings, you as a truly valued teacher and those before you, by moving forward and sharing with grace, energy and compassion. It would be a true gift to stay connected and I pray for more of your precious sangat. Vaheguru." -Sanjeet Kaur

"Taking your classes was life-changing for me." -Rachel Harris

"From Cristin’s initiation of session, with breath model, and mantra lesson, to 'Connect to the Higher Self', I felt a sense of affirmation. Cristin's focus, meets the individual, at personal place in journey, encouraging assimilation, into present life. Cristin's style, involves discourse and diagram, for group learning. Cristin's format, of theme and substance, is enhanced by recommendations, for reading and development, of self routine. Cristin's guidance, transformed themes in my book: mind/body/spirit issues… cell/chakra cross-overs… identity/purpose quest, from theory, into an experiential ‘knowing'. Cristin's in-depth explanations, of Kundalini as interrelated system, for well-being, empowered my desire to communicate book messages, to audience. Cristin's classes, supported my moving away from analysis on rational intellect, as sole explanation, of emotional confusion. Learning mantras, to "Clear Doubts & Open to Guidance and Protection", reinforced my pages, portraying human beings, as matrix, of connected entities…. Cristin’s Yoga Classes, celebrated this potential, by highlighting, these multi-faceted channels, within my self. The threads, in my tale, weaving  common elements of indigenous nation wisdom, modern technological, and our primal nature, found resonance, in Cristin's Teachings. I now do Kundalini Yoga daily, as an essential part, of my dawn nature/physical body exercise heart/mind practice, to fortify paths within my self and develop communication, between my self and the universe." -Ellen Stone

"Cristin was amazing. Her passion and enthusiasm were very inspiring." -Sonal Kotecha

"Thank you Simran for being part of my amazing journey! Having this technology in my life has changed me. It has changed my mindset and awareness. I love knowing that things happen for a reason. I know now I have to just go with my flow and trust the universal powers. Thank you for teaching me, helping me, supporting me, listening to me and guiding me to find my way around a troubled time in my life. Love, light and Wahe Guru." -Theresa Sajjanbir

"I am happy to recommend Cristin Tighe... as a certified and experienced yoga Teacher capable of organising Yoga training sessions, workshops and seminars. I have known her for nearly three years as my mentor and instructor. She organised the yoga teacher training course in Ghana that led to me becoming a certified International yoga teacher for both adults and children, the period between 2010-2012. She is an inspiring woman, very commited in teaching Yoga to people from all walks of life. She inspires one to be the best they can be by making the individual understand the power in the techniques of yoga and how one could use it to better herself or himself and the society. Her passion and infectious enthusiasim for excellence is able to bring out the best in people. Her years of experience as a yoga teacher was an invaluble assest in the successful trianing of 10 Yoga teachers in my group, one that can be of great value to any institution or group utilising her services. She is loyal and always places the welfare of others above herself... Her commitment to work and patience with others under her makes her an ideal an teacher, instructor, mentor and reliable friend. Have a Beautiful, Bountiful and a Blissful day." -Fatric Bewong

"I began the pregnancy yoga with Cristin about 28 weeks into my pregnancy with our third child. I had read about how helpful yoga was for pregnant women and therefore decided to join the class organized and taught by Cristin. My main objective for joining the class was to have as smooth as ever possible labour and birth. We met once a week and I religiously attended each class because after each session I felt more connected with my baby, and believed more in my body for the birth of my baby than I had ever felt with my previous two pregnancies. I more importantly found I was highly spirited after each session. The poses/exercises though mainly gentle required lots of mental psychic and concentration which all helped me in preparation towards the birth. After an exciting and sometimes challenging exercise I looked forward to the relaxation at the end. It was one of the few times I actually switched off in the midst of all that was happening around. A couple of times I actually fell into a deep sleep. At the end of my 10 weeks yoga, I did not only enjoy myself and my pregnant body but also had one of the most beautiful births I could ever imagine. I am ever grateful to Cristin for giving me just enjoyable and appropriate yoga lessons and ultimately a dream come true pregnancy and birth of my beautiful baby girl." -Opokuwaa Evans

"I can only give positive feedback about your pregnancy yoga class. In fact, I went to two other series of pregnancy yoga classes in the US and yours was by far my favorite. The main differences between your classes and the others I attended was the level of comfort I felt in your class. You have a very mindful teaching style that made me feel relaxed enough to participate and enjoy the yoga poses. Being pregnant for the first time, I was a bit overly worried about every little thing so the supportive and nurturing style that you have was quite helpful. I also liked that we had group discussions about pregnancy/birth related topics every session." -Sara Allegra, MSW, CTRS, 21 March 2012

"...clear, practical, down to earth, accessible and inspiring teaching... so generous with your time - to be such an open-hearted teacher is such a wonderful quality... I had such a fantastic experience." -Kristen MacPherson

"Cristin is an inspiration to me. Her energy and calmness are amazing." -Sviatlana Ssemakula

"Cristin is very knowledgeable, in my opinion.... I felt her enthusiasm, that she is genuine, and works or lives I would rather say, from her heart... Thank you very much for your brightness (that's what I see in your eyes) enthusiasm and encouragement.  Please continue to do this important and inspirational work you're doing for as long as you shine in it." -Dionne Verbeet

"Cristin was wonderful - she is engaging and fun, and a natural teacher. Her instructions are clear and easy to understand." -Clare Handyside

"Cristin is an excellent teacher - she has the gift of combining in-depth knowledge and experience with warmth and generosity. Her enthusiasm is contagious!" -Susie Jones

"Captivating teacher who speaks from experience and the heart." -Christena Howell

"I will surely miss you and your class. Very much like your way of teaching-so positive and with a lot of energy!" -Charlotte Wossmark

"I will always remember you and your classes so fondly - you really helped foster my interest in making yoga an ongoing part of my regimen." -Sydney Wolf

"This second birth was a wonderful experience! I could open myself to every contraction in a long, powerful inner smile, I felt grateful for what was happening and for hours I was beyond the pain. From 1am in the morning until 1pm, I opened myself smoothly, gently, with regular beautiful contractions, very powerfull in their work (opening my body), but really barable because of that inner smile and the breathing. The breathing supported the contractions, it helped a lot to make them “effective” – as if the breathing gave a “direction” to the contractions, it was as a “guide” or a friend full help. I had contractions every 5 or 6 minutes during 12 hours of “meditation” through breathing and, in between the contractions, some yoga exercices that I liked to do, or taking a rest, or anything else. After 12 hours of such gentle work, I felt the contractions coming more fast and harder, that was difficult to endure, I have to admit that it became difficult to maintain the inner rest and that I merely was subjected to the pain more than that I could accompany it. The problem was that I was completely “open” (about 9 cm), but the baby wasn’t low enough. The contractions became so hard but without an effect on the baby. After one hour, they decided to break my water so that the baby could come down: and this was amazing because just after they break the water, I felt a contraction bringing down the head of the baby, and in one next contraction she came out and it was all over. I am still surprised when I think about it, as if I was still waiting for the hours of suffering and pain, but everything was so fluid, so smooth, and finally so fast! You remember that I was so terrified about the birth, now I am so proud, so happy, so strong, so trusting of life! I want to tell everybody about the birth and what a wonderfull experience it was – an experience valuable for life itself, after all, because we constantly need to open ourself to the movements and ‘contractions’ of life, to accept changes and sometimes difficulties. The time you gave us to prepare ourselves to such an important event, through the yoga exercices as well as through the talking was so precious; you changed my fear into trust and you helped me to find that “inner smile” in me that was so powerful. So, a thousand thanks, dear Cristin. I look forward to a next yoga class with you! All the best to our other pregnant women, tell them about me!" -Nathalie Kremer,

"The pregnancy yoga classes with Cristin were a great experience. She is a very a caring teacher and very knowledgeable. I feel much more confident and relaxed with regards to labor and giving birth. Furthermore, I learned many useful exercises to relax my back and shoulders and to prevent back pain." -Ulrike

"Though I’m still pregnant and waiting to put in practice what you’ve taught us at the yoga class, I can’t resist testifying about my wonderfull experience in your classes. You remember I was really scared for the birth when I came in, but the exercices you’ve taught us, as well as your healing words that I remember after each class, totally helped me to change my fear into trust and an inner smile. Now, it’s almost as if I couldn’t wait to give birth, to pass again through this wonderfull experience in a conscious, serene way. I know it will be hard at some stage (number 3 on our graphic!) but I also know that pain is in some way a healing experience, and that as a woman I have an extreme power in myself that makes me capable to endeavour it, as you told us. Thanks for everything and all the best!" -Nathalie Kremer, 40 weeks,

"I have gained much more than I expected from the pre-natal yoga class. I felt empowered, relaxed and confident after each session and it gave me great ideas of how to feel more confortable with myself and my body while at home. I feel much more connected to my baby and trust myself much more and I will try to continue until the end of my pregnancy." -Despina, 20 weeks

"The weekly class kept me energised and positive about the pregnancy and confident about the birth. I cannot recommend it highly enough." -Mika, 34 weeks

"Receiving restorative yoga from Cristin was the most relaxing, stress-free experience I have ever participated in (and I've done yoga for many years and have had at least a 1000 hours of massage). I felt like I was floating safely on clouds... no thoughts, no concerns, no body... just nothing, and yet I was awake and aware. I was very relaxed and rejuvenated by the end of the session. You are so blessed to have her in your town. I wish she lived in my town! I would have restorative yoga sessions with her regularly." -Fran Chock (three years after receiving this session and it is still a very palpable experience for me)

"Recently, I heard some delightful feedback on you as an instructor and person. We are glad you are teaching with us!" -Susan Slifer, American Women's Club of Brussels

"I would love to keep up with yoga - I feel it is genuinely helping to alleviate the pain in my back and to improve my posture - and I really like your approach to teaching." -Sydney Wolf

"I feel like my goals of taking the class have been met because afterward I always feel less stressed and better about myself. I really like that we learn more about yoga while in class. I really like the mantras and the movement exercises (like when we kick our leg back, whatever that was called!)... I really feel welcome in class and get a good vibe while I´m there." -Erin Krueger

"Cristin Tighe is a fine yoga instructor and I really enjoyed her straightforward, thorough, descriptive, and gentle approach." -Mia Clark

"Well the workshop was super inspiring... Mainly you, more than the workshop, have me inspired to pursue Kundalini tradition... From what I see, Kundalini practitioners are solid souls... thanks for making me think and tweaking some interests I didn't know I had." -Mary Chattin

"It was a GREAT workshop and I think Cristin is an awesome teacher. I came away wanting more and that is a good thing! She is a very inspiring young woman and I really like her spirit and energy. Very positive and loving toward the students. You can tell that she loves the practice." -Brigette Nelson

"I wanted to thank you again for the workshop yesterday. It was very powerful and I felt great afterwards and still do today.  I immediately stopped and bought the Kundalini book that you recommended b/c I want to learn MORE!... Thanks for being such a giving teacher. I will hope to take another of your workshops when you are in town again." -Brigette Nelson

"Spiral Flight's owner, Cristin Tighe, is a special individual who is committed to the health and well-being of her clients. She offers programs that support mind, body and spirit, and works tirelessly for the good of all. She is an inspiration!" -Ginny Lenaghen (submitted through WUSA9's Best of DC contest)

"My beautiful little daughter... was born on May 23. We are both doing well.  Labor was LONG but I managed. I "pushed" for 3 hours and really tried my best to use the breathing techniques we practiced. I think it worked b/c I survived!" -EPRB (after Pregnancy Yoga)

"You tell those pregnant women to stop making excuses and get their butts to yoga class! No, seriously, your yoga class was the best thing I did for myself (and for my baby) while pregnant.  My mind was swimming with birth plans and lists, and tying up loose ends at work and trying to get everything ready for the baby, and hormones, and going to yoga was the only time I allowed myself to stop and focus and breathe, the three most important things I needed to be doing. There were many nights I didn't feel like going because I was tired or had had a bad day at work, but I made myself go, and was always so happy that I did. No matter how stressed or grumpy I was (you remember those days!), 20 minutes into the class and I was transformed. I was fortunate not to have a lot of back pain during pregnancy, I think it was because I went to your yoga class, and because of your knowledge of pre-natal yoga that helped stretch out all the right places. Without your class, I would not have been able to birth a 10 lb. 5 oz. baby at home with no drugs. How's that for a testimonial?"  -Jenny Gerdts (after Pregnancy Yoga)

"I do absolutely love your class... it helped me greatly during a stressful time this past winter. I will look forward to the next time we meet." -Kathryn Sparks (after Restorative Yoga)

"It was really nice to be in your class on Wednesday. I can't tell you how much it helped me this week." -KS (after Restorative Yoga)

"I have experienced nothing less than a metamorphosis, in terms of healing from doing Kundalini yoga... Kundalini is not only powerful, but it seems to work on a deeper spiritual plane. The results are subtle, but unmistakably palpable." -Frank Smyth

"I am a yoga teacher, however, I had never taken a Kundalini class before so I was very interested to learn and experience it first hand. I enjoyed it very much especially as it validated my belief that pranayama is so key and important for maintaining health at all levels (physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually)." -Bronwen Mason

"I can't tell you how great I feel this morning after sleeping for 7 hours straight for the first time in a few weeks. There's been a lot of stress/loss in my life in the last year and the only thing that has gotten me through it is Kundalini [Yoga]. Even though I do the meditation daily, I really should try to do some poses (kriyas) every day. Thanks again." -Liz

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