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What is Yoga?

Aug 15, 2013

What benefits can you expect from practicing?

Yoga is a complete form of exercise to strengthen the entire body, gain flexibility, develop balance and improve circulation.  Yoga reduces stress because it calms the mind and improves concentration.  It steadies the emotions, opens the heart to feeling fully alive, and gives clarity to handle life’s challenges.

Yoga’s postures (or poses) allow you to stretch, twist, balance and concentrate, as you breathe and relax.  With regular practice, you notice where you are strong and weak, where you are tense and can relax.  You gain benefits like: increased body awareness, healthier body systems (e.g., metabolism or blood pressure), relief from aches and tension, flexibility and strength.  Immunity also increases as the nervous system is strengthened by energy moving in the body.  This movement of energy is why yoga works!

Everyone can practice yoga!  You don’t have to balance on one arm or be flexible to start yoga classes.  Yoga is for babies and seniors and all ages in between.  Yoga is excellent if you play sports, to help prevent injuries and give greater stability and range of motion.  Athlete or not, yoga helps heal past injuries and is the best way to prevent disease and enhance overall well-being.

For thousands of years, people have practiced yoga to help unite body, mind and spirit.  All people of any religion or spiritual path can practice yoga and gain immense benefits. It is non-competitive and supportive.  You should feel safe, comfortable and relaxed in class, working at a pace that suits you.  You are welcome to experience it yourself. 

Some benefits? are:
*  Mind – Awareness, clarity, peace?
*  Body – Balance, flexibility, strength, symmetry?
*  Spirit – Calm, connected, relaxed

More benefits? include:
*  1-2 classes/week - Reduce stress; modest improvement in flexibility, balance, breathing, posture; better sleep; safely work with  past injuries.?
* 3-4 classes/week - All above, plus significant increase in strength, flexibility, balance and energy; better posture; improved circulation, skin health and breathing; stronger immune system; improved mood, attention, concentration and memory; greater overall well being?
*  5-7 classes/week - All above, plus greater endurance and energy; structural body reintegration; profoundly enhanced mental clarity and emotional stability; profound inner awareness and improved overall well-being.

Next newsletter will focus on the specific benefits of Kundalini Yoga!

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