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New-Kundalini Basics & Energy and Chakra Series

May 6, 2015

Kundalini Yoga Basics Series 4 weeks: Sunday mornings, 10:15-11:45am, 5/17-6/7

This is for Beginners, so ideal to attend all four classes. Experience major facets or aspects of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Gain a foundation and framework of understanding, as well as motivation for any yoga practice. Take a leap toward profound shifts in health and happiness! Topics include:

Breath is Your Life
Managing Stress
Creatures of Habit: Apana, Digestion, Elimination
Everybody is Healer
Where is your Energy?
Chakras and Kundalini
Magic of Mantras & How They Work

$40 if you pay ahead for all by 5/25, $55 after or regular class packages and drop in fees apply. Please register ahead: https://clients.mindbodyonline.com/classic/ws?studioid=167201&stype=-7&sView=week­

Kundalini Yoga classes - Energy & Chakras 7 weeks: Mon evenings, 5/11-6/22, 7:35-8:45pm

Yoga moves energy, it unblocks and opens us up to possibilities! Come experience yourself (body, mind and spirit) for more peace, enhanced health and more. Each week focuses on a major chakra (energy center in body), including a sun salutation, yoga set, deep relaxation and meditation. You can drop in one week if the theme intrigues, or commit to all 7 for a very transformative experience! Taught for all levels experience.

5/11 Root Chakra: Grounding & Roots to Grow

5/18 Sacral Chakra: Creative Connection, Prosperity & Flow

5/25 Solar Plexus: Fire for Confidence and Power

6/1 Heart Center: Opening to Possibilities

6/8 Throat Chakra: Deeply Listen & Communicate Your Truth

6/15 Intuition: Knowing What You Already Know

6/22 Crown Center: Connecting to Higher Divine & Aura: Be in Your Brightness

7 weeks $70 if paid online by 5/8, $85 after, series registration includes handouts for Chakras booklet. Or drop-in ($10 first class, 3 for $30, then class pass or $20 drop in.)

Please Register Ahead (all pricing options online):

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