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Taste of Kundalini Yoga - Sat morn 11am (tmrw!)

Jan 9, 2015

I've been asked to teach tmrw at a studio where I practice. They are open to hosting future Kundalini Yoga classes, so come if you can.


Taste of Kundalini Yoga!
with Cristin Tighe

Sat Jan 10, 11am-12pm
hosted by The Power Yoga Tribe

Kundalini Yoga’s dynamic movements with intense breathing, meditation & chanting works on circulation, the spine and glands. Come to experience vitality & access to spirit!

Kundalini Yoga is an ancient science for energy and self-healing. The practice develops youthful energy by working on the spine, a foundation of physical health, and the glandular system, a key to wellness and cellular healing.

The practice uses moving exercises, with rhythm and breathing, that open the body, increasing circulation and balancing energy! You might experience something new, like energy flowing within, access to an inner voice or peaceful stillness in your heart.

This yoga and meditation system promotes physical health, stimulates and balances the mind, and touches one’s innermost spirit. It is a complete science combining posture (asana), breathwork (pranayama), chanting (mantra) and meditation into powerful sequenced yoga sets (kriyas) targeting specific benefits.

Often it’s said that Kundalini yoga touches all the limbs of yoga and includes all other types of yoga. As well as physical benefits, Kundalini is an incredible experience in awakening consciousness, opening the heart and having peace of mind.

People often ask if Kundalini Yoga is more challenging or physically demanding than hatha vinyasa yoga traditions. There is no clear answer, it is different. It can be very physically challenging at times, but we also relax between poses more. Often people will find it challenges them at other levels they didn’t expect and that after they feel more open, relaxed, peaceful, aware and energized.

Practice includes gentle warm-up, challenging yoga set, deep relaxation and meditation with chanting, with short Q&A after. Open to beginners & experienced practitioners!

Often people practice Kundalini in white or light-colored cotton clothing and wear a head covering, like bandana or scarf, if you want the full experience. Good to also bring a water bottle.

Ideal to register online to assure a spot, class by donation at door.

The Power Yoga Tribe, 11951 US Highway 1, Suite 105
(behind liquor store, to left of urgent care), N. Palm Beach, FL 33408

Any questions to Cristin, cristin@yogasimran.com or 202-276-3521 cell

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