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Wed. January 8th, 2014 TRIAL Class! Wednesday eve

Dec 13, 2013

* Kundalini Yoga & Meditation weekly class - starts January 8th, 2014.

* $10 TRIAL class, all welcome Wed. January 8th! No reservation needed! Arrive at 6:30pm for 6:45pm start. Please bring a water bottle and yoga mat, maybe a small pillow or shawl/blanket for relaxation.

* Weekly class each Wed. evening, 6:45-8:15pm, (beginners welcome, your first week join intro. at 6:30pm)

* Cost: discount of $100 for 10 consecutive weeks if paid by January 15th, or regular $120 for 10 weeks in a row, or $15 to drop in each week. Classes run with 8 people minimum (who pay ahead for 10 weeks) and 25 people max.
* Location: Greenwise Community Room, 2nd Floor of Greenwise in Legacy Place, Palm Beach Gardens

Each class includes sun salutation warm-ups, an intense yoga set, deep relaxation and a lovely meditation.

Through 2014 weekly classes will explore these and other themes (depends on requests)...

Kundalini Yoga - Stress & Vitality
The modern world throws so much stress at us, that we get overloaded, feel overwhelmed and can quickly reach a place of feeling burnt out on all levels. A yoga practice helps to reveal that vitality from within to overcome stress and find again the energy to move through and live better. Our focus is yoga sets and meditations to strengthen and energize, as well as how to create small changes and positive preventative habits, to get back in control and create a life that is manageable and one you love!

Kundalini Yoga to Energize & Balance the Chakras
One week includes an overview of the energy of the body and a powerful yoga set for balancing the chakras. Following weeks focuses on a specific chakra (energy center), with practice of a chakra sun salutation and powerful kriya (yoga set with poses and meditation). Varied physical, mental and spiritual benefits emerge from this fun, dynamic practice that heals and maintains healthy energy centers in the body -- root, sacral, solar, heart, throat, third eye, crown and aura. Attend all weeks if you can for most transformational benefits.

Experiencing Self-Knowledge through Kundalini Yoga
A chance for inner wisdom and experience the totality of self. Experience gives depth and dimension, as well as roots us, opens our hearts and guides our heads. Transformational yoga helps you discover faith in your body's almost unlimited capacity for health, healing, energy and endurance, as well as intuitive guidance. Gain awareness into your potential; experience immediate positive impacts and insight to manifest unlimited resources for strength, clarity, insight, and love; discover how you can resonate with your true self so you live each day fully.

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