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the kundalini yoga experiment

These photos are from a Kundalini Yoga class held 10 October 2006 at Spiral Flight Yoga in Washington, DC.
The kriya was "Strengthening the Aura".  The photos were taken, by an aura photography camera, just before class began (top row) and just after it ended (bottom row).

She is a Kundalini Yoga teacher and long-time student. She is a Kundalini Yoga teacher, the one who taught class that evening. She is a Kundalini Yoga teacher, and a business owner, with just four hours sleep the night before. She is a Kundalini Yoga teacher. In the first photo, she thought of someone she loves. She is a newer Kundalini Yoga teacher and long-time student. He is a newer Kundalini Yoga teacher and healer. This is a courageous, first-time yoga student. Yes, her first yoga class ever!

Using modern amplification, the camera takes a color photograph that displays the actual aura (or energy field), giving insight into what the colors mean.
Since this underlying energy is the essence of our health and colors change according to shifting attitude and emotions, this technology also serves as a feedback mechanism.
You can see improvements in your aura resulting from yoga, meditation, massage or other stress-reducing/relaxation techniques.

what do the colors of the energy field in the photos mean?

•    white - spiritually motivated, has the qualities of all colors, highly motivated towards goal
•    violet - mystical, unifying, enchantment, charm, deep spiritual understanding
•    blue - depth of feeling, peace, love, affection, communication, fulfilling highest ideals of unity
•    green - healing, teaching, endurance, tenacity, persistence, high self-esteem
•    yellow - sunny, exhilaration, originality, expectancy, symbolically warm sunlight
•    orange - creative, artistic, fullness of experience, urge to achieve results, win success
•    red - force of will, passion, vitality, desire, intensity of experience, physical experience
Photographs by Suzy Yazbeck, who has been involved with aura photography and its interpretation since 1991.
She shares her insight and interpretation of what people’s aura reveals, so they better discover the true nature of their inner essence and beauty.
Reach her in DC at 202.641.8007 or suzy_yazbeck@yahoo.com.

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