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pregnancy yoga

Conscious Pregnancy©Yoga is a specialty area of Kundalini Yoga.

The teachings aim to empower womanhood and motherhood,
especially focusing on pregnancy and the first 40 days post-partum.

Cristin is also a certifed doula, childbirth educator and perinatal fitness instructor
and mother of three, so classes offer additional useful elements as well.

   * Develop a deeper relationship with yourself as a woman
   * Study Kundalini Yoga and Meditation for pregnancy and post-partum
   * Learn the physiological development of pregnancy, birth and infant care
   * Gain knowledge of yogic teachings on conception, pregnancy, birthing and mothering
   * Connect in a spirited and open way with other radiant women

These topics can be
covered, as requested:
* Relationships
* Conscious Conception
* First 120 Days after Conception
* Pregnancy Supports
* Preparation for Birthing
* Birth Process
* 40 Days After Birth
* Breastfeeding Basics
* Handling the Unexpected
* Baby Massage and Baby Yoga


when to practice?

If you are new to Kundalini Yoga or have minimual previous exercise experience, you can begin any time during your pregnancy. (After the 120th day of pregnancy, regular Kundalini Yoginis should do only pregnancy yoga, but can join the class earlier as well.)

what to expect?

A gentle, but challenging Kundalini Yoga class, that is supportive and nurturing for the pregnant woman and the unborn baby. We practice all exercises slowly and gently, with awareness of breathing.  Also, we frequently change position, shake out arms and legs, and breathe toward the child. We chant beautiful mantras, use focused breathing, do appropriate warm-ups and postures, practice kriyas for pregnancy, do supported and side lying relaxation, and include meditations with challenging arm exercises to build the nervous system, strengthen the aura and prepare a woman to focus during labor. (We avoid belly exercises, putting pressure on the abdominal area, inverted postures, stimulating breathwork, and suspending breath on the exhale.) Class may include a short lecture or discussion on the yogic teachings for pregnancy or useful information like the value of prenatal healthcare, nutrition, appropriate non-yogic exercise for pregnancy or topics like prenatal testing, benefits and risks of interventions during labor, or preparing for labor and birth.

how it works?

Women are the co-creator during pregnancy, having a great effect on the psyche of the child. Your thoughts and experiences impact the baby, so you can choose to have a positive effect. Conscious Pregnancy yoga will help your body be healthy and strong, help you be calm and focused, and open you to your own inner strength and intuition to connect to and give birth to your baby in the most positive, empowered way possible.

how to enhance your experience?

Talk to your healthcare professional before practicing yoga. If you are new to Kundalini Yoga, read about the general format of class beforehand, so you understand what to expect. During class, use your own innate intelligence regarding your body. Do not strain or push too hard, and at any time if you are very tired or feel pain, stop, rest and breathe, joining in again when you are ready. If your abdomen becomes hard (tight and stretched-up), stop and relax. Speak to the teacher if you have concerns. Come to class hydrated and bring water with you. Eat a high carbohydrate/protein snack about an hour before class (for example, apples and peanut butter or carrots and hummus) and bring a snack with you, in case you are hungry when class ends. Wear comfortable, natural clothing and have bare feet. For the most benefit, commit to a regular practice.

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